Artra fundamentals to good property investment

Go anywhere in the world and there should be a good property investment opportunity near to you. This is a reflection of progress. All around the world, heavy industrial and commercial developments continue to spring up. In some great parts of the world, Asia in particular, completely new cities, still not known by name to foreigners, are rising from almost nothing almost overnight. But there are some parts of the world that have been head and shoulders ahead of the property development game for quite a number of years.

Take Singapore, for instance. The folks out there have never stop building since the day their leaders emancipated them from colonial rule. Amazingly, these ingenious property developers, collaborating well with other industrialists and large company owners and investors, as well as government authorities, have continued to amaze the property world with their ability to create architectural behemoths within some of the world’s smallest and congested spaces. While Singapore is renowned for its economic success, it is one of the world’s tiniest countries.

Because space comes at such a premium to Singaporeans in general, the need has always been to focus on what we call sky rise developments. You have multi-storied developments reaching up into the heavenly skies. It is not unusual to find some developments in excess of forty stories these days. But most of the time, conforming to aesthetic and uniform architectural practices, you’ll be familiarizing yourself with office complexes and residential parks that go as high as twenty five stories, and not more than that.

There is a co-operative approach being taken between government authorities and their sought after and enterprising property developers. One can even draw a fine comparison with helter-skelter Hong Kong. It does not matter what regime controlled that principality at any one time, the Far East city remains a melting pot of crowded chaos. But not in Singapore. While there remain pleasant melting pots of cultural diversity and acculturation where necessary, there is always room for everyone. If there is no space, space is provided.


Beyond the boundaries and within it, there is always space for the artra complex’s progressive residents to move about in. Garden pathways and outside pavement sidewalks are always clean. This adds further credence to creating space for city residents. This adds value to the investor’s property portfolio. It is a showcase of how well looked after his investments are. The shrewd investor has an eye for detail, so there is not much chance that he will be missing any flaws here and there. Word out is that many of the artra’s residential units are selling like hot cakes. Could this be that it resonates well with the investors’ value adding imperatives?

Take a look at the online prospectus and find out for yourself. And then go ahead and see what remains available for you to purchase. Consider your investment focus but do consider your dreams too.